Wednesday, October 28, 2015

fire power

M - W

Last morning with Bodi went well. He let me sleep in even! What a sweet puppy. After breakfast I went over to Celia's and we took the boys for a walk. Went out to the point and saw great mycology. I headed out around 4ish to drop off Bodi. Met up with Boss in Poulsbo and when Bodi saw her, he was elated as usual. It was a quick switch around.

I swung by Goodwill to check out their denim jacket collection, but none were worth buying. I did find some rad earrings. One was large and jangly and ceramic. Very big.

From Silverdale, I went to Seabeck to hang with Ma and Pa for a little bit. A nice brief visit. Then I went back home.

Home was cold.

Tuesday I made a fire in the fireplace and sat in front of it. I did some work. I ate some s'mores. Basically relaxed. And today I didn't light a fire. Caught up on work emails. Did some more work from home. Watched a ton of Rick and Morty. Working on site tomorrow and going to a corn maze on Friday. Fun!

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