Sunday, May 19, 2013

Double Trek


Total hectic day at work. Jeff ran bandannas and I caught a bit, but mostly I speed cleaned some screens. I started reclaiming but I was needed to catch shirts as Stu wasn't there to catch, but you can't exactly stop reclaiming, but I think Kara was brought in to catch or something. So I went straight from reclaiming to catching with no second to catch my breath. I had my sandwich ontop of the dryer and took bites when I could find the time to have them. 600 shirts! And it was only the fronts. There will be more in the coming days at work. I'm going to have a proper sleep in on Sunday.

After that very full day, I took a little breather and then went up to San Jose to meet Steve, Jen, Adam, and Kyle for dinner. Mmmm tasty burrito. It had fries in it! Then Steve, Kyle and I were dropped off at the Imax Dome and Adam caught up with us, and we with Travis and a few others saw Star Trek!

Except when it is on the big big dome Imax screen, it is way too big. My eyes were seriously hurting and several scenes were hard to follow. The sound was great but it was not worth it. It was awesome, yeah, but it was very stretched out. I knew I would be seeing it a second and very proper time before the weekend was out. Crashed at Steve's.


Steve and I had breakfast at Flames, a sort of Denny's like establishment. Then we went to this mall that was supposed to have a Daiso in it (I needed to pick up some stuff at a Daiso) but the mall was weirdly sparse with really insubstantial stores in it. And I later came to find out that I left my little glasses case come carry case in the bathroom. I wonder if it got turned into the Lost and Found.... Daiso wasn't in the mall, but it was near. I picked up some stuff and then we parted ways. Steve is working on job/new apartment stuff. Will be a bummer if he moves further than San Jose away, won't be so easy to hang out. Boo.

I went to Kinokuniya afterwards, because I wanted to see what the one in San Jose looked like. They had the Deleter Zip Tone, but it was crazy expensive for a couple sheets, so I didn't get it. Didn't go grocery shopping in the attached Uwajimaya-esque store. Returned to Santa Cruz and spent a jolly good time relaxing. Walked to locate Darco and see what the fuss is about that stationary store...but it closed early. Had a scramble for dinner. Watched Doctor Who.

And I went to see the 3D 10:25 showing of Star Trek...which was AWESOME. So much nice booty in that movie. Awesome actors. Everyone is so well cast, and the special effects are phenomenal. Ma and Pa! Go see it! 3D is not essential, but it did add a nice flare to a few scenes. Such a good followup to the first movie.

And now I shall have my first full sleep in....in several weekends! I've been busy. It's a good feeling.

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