Friday, May 24, 2013

lets get some shoes

I'm pooped. Work was long and full of cleaning and catching and running around getting stuff done and hoping that things don't go wrong (they didn't, we ran a bunch of stuff and it was awesome). Got home late. Managed to get on with drawing at a respectable hour. Had some late pasta.

I bought a pair of Vans for work, yay for Zappos! And I bought a pair of Palladiums, because I like the other pair of that brand that I have and I need a shoe that is a little more fit for walking, but isn't so heavy like my Romeos. Might pick up a gel insert for the Vans. I wonder how long they'll look pretty. My work shoes are not looking too pretty. With my raise and my long hours, it feels good to be pretty financially stable. Early on in my job, there were lots of random time offs, and I haven't had any time off since Christmas so it's been stacking up. I'll feel really good when I have at least one months worth of rent in the savings. I'm close! Very close.

The shoes were needed though. Well the Vans were. The Palladiums have just been on my wish list for years, so ya know...treat yo' self! And if they don't fit, I can always send them back and buy some Roos.

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