Sunday, May 26, 2013

tacos! shower curtains! fun times!


The final work day ended up being light, which was nice after four days of long hours. I coated screens, half for water base half for aquasol. I burned and taped screens. Jeff and Stu ran a job. I cleaned stuff. The recirculating tank needs refreshing. The boss offered me Memorial Day off, but I didn't want it off because I didn't really have any pressing need to do stuff on Monday. 

In the evening I drove up to San Jose to see Steve. We went to the massive mall (one of them) to meet Molly and Kyle to see Hangover III. The 9:15 was near sold out, so we went for the 9:55. That gave me time to buy some froyo and put granola and candy on it. And mochi. Is mochi healthy or not? Either way, I froyo is the bomb. Hangover III was better than I expected it to be and it bookended the trilogy nicely. The thing about those movies is that they are all shot really well. Way better than other lewd comedies are shot. They are really nice looking films that play to, well not the lowest common denominator but certainly not the people that would go to any great effort to see Tarsem's The Fall in theater. 

We bid each other adieu and I spent the night in San Jose, because on Saturday we had tickets to the 2nd Annual San Jose Taco Festival!!


Tacos! We skipped breakfast and headed out at around 11ish. There was traffic due to graduation but it wasn't that bad. We found parking about two blocks from the event and went in. Steve and I were there before Jen, Adam, Kyle, and Molly. First up was The Chairman for steamed pork bao and steamed chicken bao. It was delicious. We met up with A,K, J, and M at the beer ticket line and the shrimp tacos were accompanied with Stella. Steve got a grilled cheese kimchee taco that wasn't totally...up to snuff. Jen and Adam had this chicken and porkbelly taco at Miso Hungry. The whole taco festival was a park chuck o' block with food trucks and everything was priced at around 1 for $3 or 2 for $5. A good way to consume a large variety of tacos from lots of cheesy named vendors. With another round of beers and sangria, we hung out in this wagon that was in the historical park and ate more from The Chairman. Then there was lamb tacos from 333 and white truffle butter fish taco from We (roll symbol) Sushi. Yum yums! The day finished with ice cream from Treatbot and cupcakes from Fairycake. Then there was some frisbee. The weather was warm but not cruel. I wore my "42" tee, and someone wished me a happy Towel Day. All in all, very grand and fun. Can't beat tacos and good company.

Afterwards we took a hearty nap and then I went to Target and got some windshield wiper fluid and fuel injector cleaner. There was just one really near to Steve's place so figured I would take advantage and save me a trip...though I still went to Target in Capitola on Sunday anyway. I can always think of something to get, though it is nice to spruce up the house with things. Make it a little more my place to live and a little less a place I happen to be staying at, ya know? Anyhoo. Got back at 9ish and took it easy and went to bed at a nearly respectable hour. Didn't feel like blogging the whole todo.


Slept in till 3 minutes to noon. This weekend has been great. Had a lot of fun. Had a lot of rest. Had enough social time as well as me time. I had a cheerios & orange juice breakfast and spent half an hour baking in the sun on my back porch. Now is the time to regain some freckles. I like having them. After that I went to Target to get a new shower curtain, because our current one was getting a bit mildewy, and the inside curtain was way mildewy. One can only tolerate so much mildew. I went with a way cute bird floral pattern that I am pretty enthusiastic about (and I consulted Alana about it, so it wasn't just my choice). From there I went to Trader Joe's and did my shopping for the week. It's going to be another burrito week. Tired of the sandwiches. I took down the old curtains, put up the new plastic one and put the new cloth one in the wash because it had that "new product" smell. It's washable, which is a good thing.

May has been a really good month for me. I'm feeling really good about where I am and everything. It's all coming into place.

I added windshield fluid and checked the air in the tires (all good). I put some of that fuel injector cleaner in as well, because I haven't done that in a year. Is there anything else I should check Dad? All the fluid levels are where they ought to be.

Dinner was burritos, so now I'm set for the weeks worth of lunch. No Game of Thrones tonight.

Got tons of shirts to print, got screens to clean, got audiobooks to listen to.

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Anonymous said...

You have done the right things for the car. Sure sounds like a fun weekend. Oh - it is Chock O Block. We went to Shrimpfest and had Oysters and Yakisoba (separately).