Tuesday, May 28, 2013

bummer day

My shoes were downstairs when I got up this morning. UPS came early! And then I tried them on and the pretty Palladiums were a size too big and the Vans while the correct size, dug into the back of my tendon. So both will have to be returned. At least Zappos has free return shipping. I'll just have to suck it up and go shoe shopping in a store. I hate shoe shopping. I like to wear shoes till they fall apart. I don't like wearing IN shoes.

So I went to work in a mood and that mood was exaccerbated by a hectic day. Nothing went wrong, just a lot of things happened all at once. There was a bit of confusion with the screens and emulsion. We really need to go back to the SP-7500. HVP is just...no good. It doesn't hold detail like it ought. Jeff clued us in to a new screen cleaning technique with using the recirculating screen cleaner stuff instead of the fast open, and it did go a lot faster! Though the end results would still need some touch ups in the case of reuse of screens for jobs. But still, cleaning screens is time consuming and this just halved the job which is awesome. I was able to reclaim 12 screens at the end of the day (if there were more time, I could have cleaned more, and there were 20 screens which usually takes me a really long time). Also Andrew and I dumped out the collected ink sediment in the cleaning booth. It was totally...full. Like...very much so. It was rather impressive actually. And Andrew put in new cleaning solvent, so now the tank should be good to go! It's been running very slow lately. So that was quite the messy task. I was glad to be wearing awful shoes in that instance.

So at the end of the day I was quite stinky with dehazer and had enough smears and splatters of ink all over me to warrant a really nice hot bath. So I took one and working on a crossword puzzle while soaking away my worries.

I tried to give the Vans a second change but nope. Not going to hold on to them and see if maybe they'll fit better if I wear them a bunch. Just going to send them back, even though they were really cute. I can find other cute red and blue shoes. I went to Kinkos and printed out the new shipping label and taped it on the box. I'll swing by UPS on my way to work in the morning. Hopefully I'll get the refund soon, then I'll give buying shoes another true.


Don't want to do anything for the rest of the night.

Kon-Tiki looks good. I think I'll see it on Thursday and see if I can bully Ryan into seeing it with me.

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