Tuesday, July 30, 2013

one day one, four to go till the next weekend

Ahhhh my eyes! Up late working, so close but I need to rest lest I mess everything up. It's looking REALLY GOOD I must say.

Work was rerunning two jobs. They both went pretty well. I burned some screens. I cleaned stuff. I...oh I forgot to go grocery shopping tonight. I'm out of fruit. Err. I'll do that tomorrow or something.

I also reclaimed a bunch of screens. Whooo! Keeping up with the need of mucho screens to be burned. Soon.

It wasn't really all that warm. It's been a bit cool in Santa Cruz lately, and it seems like it is really hot every where else. Ha. Non-coastal SUCKERS!

Didja like the gifts Ma?

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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the gifts! The portrait of Paramahansa Yogananada: so much depth and detail, the tea samples of my favorite characters, (what would Hagrid tea be like?), the pelican card, the cute wrapping paper, the Santa Cruz tee...was that from Cadillac? Love, love, love you! xoxomummy