Tuesday, November 4, 2014

stop and go and stop

More pricing! This time old camera cases and fishing things. Scored an Eddie Bauer bag because it was a bit old and musty and dirty and not really resellable. So I washed it in my sink and I'm hoping it dries nice. I think it'd make a great bag for hiking art supplies.

I had leftover soup and it was delicious!

I got caught in horrible traffic on the way back. Took an hour to go the distance that takes 20 going in.

Tomorrow I am pricing from home! I'm excited about that. Just going to listen to audio things and google away! Nice to break up all the driving, because the commute days, wah! So much commute! But it's just to go through Poulsbo in case of movies or groceries or other errands. I could be commuting out nowhere.

Now I am very tired.

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