Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the 3rd

Look! No apologies! Got up, threw on tights, my orange palladiums, a skirt, a shirt, my hoody, my patch vest, a smudgey eyeliner/shadow in the crease eyemakeup look, and off I went! (with food to eat during the day of course).

Had a pretty good day. Priced a lot of plates and train stuff and odds and ends. Getting through boxes. Trying to keep to a 5 minute/item rate of pricing, but some things just don't come up. It's hard when brands and makers are not readily apparent. Still, trucking along! And I dig it. I work on site again tomorrow and once more on Thursday. I don't think I could do 5 days a week commuting (it is rather long even with audiobooks) but it breaks up nicely.

Celia made oyster and chantrelle bisque which we mixed in with this veggie broth and that was dinner and it was amazing and hearty and delicious. I plopped bread into it and ate two bowls then sat in front of my computers magnificently sated. And auntie gave me two servings for my own left overs!! I think that was the first time I ate oysters, but I dug it. I'm a more daring eater, and I'm all the better for it.

I'm feeling good about November. I'm working. I have a friend visiting this weekend. I've got a Friendsgiving in the works for the 27th. I've voted. Things are good, and I like it.

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