Saturday, November 8, 2014

shiny sinks and dolla dolla bills

Whoops I fell behind again!

Wednesday I priced from home. I got through a heap of belts and scarfs and gloves and other bits and bobs. It was nice to work from home. Thursday I worked on site again. Weighed. Priced. And got a raise! How awesome is that? Good to be considered so highly so immediately. Dig my boss, yes I do!

Friday I met Ma and Pa in Poulsbo. I deposited my paycheck and went and snapped up Clariel at Liberty Bay Books and put Seconds and Tomboy on order. We had a quick lunch. Pasta and pizza and a sandwich. Today actually had good weather! Bright but also chilly. Ma and Pa went to see some art studios and I went to get my tires changed...and it took two goddamn hours! I sat and read and bought some bath stuff in the store. But still, it took a while. But two new tires for my hoopty, that's good! Traction is good! I drove on to Port Townsend and got a great seat for the 7:40 showing of Interstellar. It had phenomenal effects, really nice wonderful great...wowza effects. But the story was also a bit too clean and meh it didn't really...strike a chord with me.

Worth seeing in theaters for the pretty but I'm not really eager to rewatch it. And I love me some time travel sci fi.

Today I loafed around the house. Ordered a third comic. Scrubbed the sink. Tried cleaning and seasoning the cast iron. Did laundry. Lit a hella good fire. Watched Doctor Who. Tomorrow Celia and I are going to the movies, and I've got some at home work to do. I'm feeling tired right now so I think I'll tuck in early. But yay for a cleaner home!

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