Monday, August 24, 2015

Modan, Rutu


My internal clock got me up early. Had a scramble. Kept it mellow. I had some pasta too. I lit a fire so that I could sit in front of the fire while I read. I finished Rutu Modan's The Property, then I took a nap which turned into a long nap and when I woke up at 11ish I decided to just go to bed good and proper.


Woke up early, lay awake in bed for a good while thinking about stuff. Got up. Swept. Tidied. Made a little breakfast. Watered plants. Did laundry. Left the house to go see Mr. Holmes with Celia. What an enjoyable movie with a powerhouse of a performance by Ian McKellan! So good. A very nice movie indeed. Well made, directed, acted, costumed. Can't think of a bad note to say about it. I went to Seabeck after the movie to pick up my mail. Got two Rutu Modan totes in the mail from BlueQ! I love them so much. Great illustrations and good sturdy bags too. I have a Tomer Hanuka BlueQ bag and it's still in good shape. I like having cool reusable bags. I went to Trader Joe's for some shopping and BOTH cashiers complimented my bags. One went back and forth between picking which to load items into and they asked where I got them from. I happily supplied the information because everyone should have cool bags!

Dropped off my recycling in Dosewallips. New house rule: put recycling in the goddang correct bin because I don't want extra work to be made for myself by picking paper out of the plastic & aluminium or cans out of the glass. I just want to dump and go.

Now to sleep and wash my car/clean the inside of my car, for FINN IS VISITING TOMORROW FOR A FEW DAYS!!!!

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