Monday, August 24, 2015

Finn is hereee!

Alarm went off at 8ish and I didn't dilly dally in waking. I threw on sheets on one bed, tossed the compost, showered, washed my car, did my makeup, had coffee...not in that order. I also cleaned out my car a little. Don't want it to look as crumb filled as it normally is. I headed out right at the minute I needed to in order to pick Finn up at the Bainbridge ferry. Nice easy drive and no hold up at the bridge.

I parked and got to the dock right as people were starting to disembark. I took a snap with my disposable camera. I bought one to use for the visit, as well as the upcoming wedding. It'll be nice to have a few actual photos. If they turn out okay, maybe I'll make a habit of taking a few photos here and there with a disposable camera.

We hugged and headed out. First up we went to Bella Luna Pizzaria in Suquamish for pizza and soda, then we swung by Central Market for salad fixings. It was an easy drive back, up until the classic Hood Canal Bridge being up thing. Argh. But it wasn't a long wait. At least it happened going back.

So nice to hear someone going "wow!" non stop when they see how beautiful where you live is! We walked around the property, went down to the beach, said hi to Corbie and walked Corbie out to the peak. He was a good walking buddy. Stayed closed and we actually saw him poop! He always poops in the woods so there's never dog bombs around on the property. It almost seemed like a mystery.

Back at the house, we got lasagna assembled. Made a store run while the noodles soaked up the sauce (they were no boil) and when we got back we cooked it up. The mice trap has been happily snapping mice all day and night long. It's up to seven right now.

The lasagna was delicious and consumed while watching So You Think You Can Dance, which had some amazing routines. I've watched that show with so many rando people this season. Every few commercials I went to empty the snapped trap. Again.

Finn gave me a shirt and a print and a tote as a thank you gift for the stay!! So wonderful. One can never have enough totes and great things.

Tomorrow BT and Daniel are coming up at some time. Hopefully with enough of a window to cruise up to Port Townsend for a visit.

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