Thursday, August 13, 2015

wax on wax off


Last long day on the boat. Alarm went off at 7ish. Got out of bed at 8ish. Left 9ish to meet Dad at the boatish. I swung by QFC and got doughnuts. Bismark, raspberry filled, twist, old fashion, and maple bar. I ate the twist first, then later the bismark. Dad got the doughnut and maple bar. I ate the raspberry on the way home after a long day.

There were new boats in the yard. First I painted another coat on the boat. I did another 'nother stripe on the top. Helped dad with the sealant. And got to waxing later in the day. I was pretty splattered with paint, and got a bit pink. Not burned, just pink. Dad got McDonald's for dinner. Hurray! He followed behind me with the big buffer as I applied wax.

Got outta there just before 8. Sat very tiredly at home and crawled into bed.

Listened to Ready Player One, which is okay. Break from podcasts for other audio media.


Slept in. Well actually I woke up, but lay awake thinking in bed letting my body relax.

I'm less worn out than I thought I would be. I wrote up an invoice for Dad for the boat work. I worked my other odd job. Snacked. Dropped off the invoice at the post office. Talked to Celia. I watched some Chopped.

Got a lot done! Now I got a bit of a break time.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya! We met at the wedding and I'm enjoying your updates, my bookclub read Ready Player One last year so I'll be really interested to hear your thoughts when you finish the audio. Supposedly Spielberg will be making a movie of it! Though it wasn't my favorite book, it has some fun 80s references and a couple unexpected minor plot twists I enjoyed. We can talk about it more next time the newlyweds have a game night. :-)