Thursday, March 5, 2015


I'm super frustrated with everything right now, and I don't feel like there's anyone I can really talk to about all the stuff that's frustrating me which is a SUPER great feeling to have. Anyway, here's what I've been up to these past four days:


Worked from home. Did research. Did editing. I think I did other stuff?


Worked on site, but an abbreviated day. Did online research and ordering and we had a power meeting regarding the company set up and tactics. It went for a few hours and my brain fried out, but I think I had some good contributions. Hopefully things take off. I got out early because I had a library errand, and I ended up signing back up for KRL and checked out some comics and books, and then ran a craft supply errand and a comic shop errand, and then got back home at a good dark hour.


Slept in, then read comics in bed for a while. Eventually rolled out of bed, did some work, then packed up and headed for Seabeck. Paid bills. I decided to drive to Seatac and get Ma and Pa, instead of waiting around for the airporter. Driving an extra 2 and a half hours in a day, but getting back into bed at 1am versus leaving the house at 2-3 am. It was an easy drive over, an easy pick up, and an easy drive back. Once again, I slept in. I've been sleeping a lot. I really enjoy being warm and cozy in all my blankets. Wish I could spend more time in bed reading comics.


Dad made pancakes, and I had a palm tree shaped one. Sent off a work email. Saw their vacation photos, which were really good! Lots of birds and beaches. Seems like they had a really good time. Summer can't come for here fast enough. I packed up and headed home to Pulali. Got some gas. Got some ice cream. Settled in. Did research. Had dinner. Hum drum ho hum.


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