Wednesday, January 27, 2016

it's a snowshoe

Telling people I'm going to turn a conversation into a comic isn't the threat I want it to be.

Went over to Kitsap today! Swung by Napa and got a new lightbulb for my front passenger headlight. Then went to Seabeck to get Dad to replace the lightbulb. I helped. Well, observed. But I did sort of help. Dad showed me what to remove, but he really had to strong arm the plastic cover to get it off. There's no way I could have done that on my own. 

And I opened Nate & Helen's gifties! I got a boss cozy sweater that I took a hearty nap in later in the day. So snuggly! And I was given some lovely Moleskine's! Now to sketch in them. Yaay!

I didn't hang out too long because Ma and Pa were going to see Tower of Power. I made a Target & Trader Joe's run and returned home. Took a nap for some reason. Then did my comic. Now to sleep, I suppose.

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