Monday, February 1, 2016

art and applications (or "I'm A Real Charmer")

I was having some connectivity issues from Friday night to Sunday morning, so sorry no blog! What happened was the router was knocked over so the connection wasn't coming through. I was out and about all day yesterday, so I wasn't too fussed. I just went to bed because WOW I got tired by the end of the week.

I wasn't sleeping well for a bit and y'all know the irregular hours I keep. So yeah. This morning I had a good long sleep in, and it felt great. Friday I was feeling terrible. I managed to call Chimacum and turns out they were still hiring! And when I arrived to turn in my application and resume and letter of recommendation, it turns out they had filled the position! Whoops! Well they might have some openings soon with some people going away to college, so I'll keep checking.

And I swung by the Wyndham and they said they are looking for desk people, part time, so that's good! I'll work on their application. I applied to to part time hotel jobs in Port Townsend. I just gotta pounce whenever something comes up.

Saturday was Karen's Baby Shower. Ma and Pa came over to work on the roof. Specifically clearing moss off the roof. They rented a cherry picker but alas I do not get to play on it. Would have been fun to help but I had out of the house plans. The baby shower was in Poulsbo at Karen's parent's place. There was chocolate and food and cake and ladies galore. Rob showed up too, and Rob's sister Lisa and her son Kenji. I like Lisa and Kenji (who is 18 months). Marit was there too, who runs Bremerton Letterpress Co. We chatted the comics I've been posting on Instagram which was the prompt for this one:
Karen got a lot of good swag. Diaper genie and diapers galore. She had a diaper raffle. You get one ticket per diaper you bring. I brought 67 (weird that diapers come in irregular numbers). Hearing you can go through 20+ in A DAY is like WOW. Why not just put the baby over the sink or something? And she got good clothes and stuff. A nice variety.

AND I WON THE DIAPER RAFFLE! WHOO! Got a goody basket with tea and coffee and soap and other goodies. I traded a candle from mine for coffee from Lisa's (who I think got an honorary basket because she donated ~200 diapers). I departed at around 4 and headed over the Port Townsend for Dungeons and Dragons!

Another big group. I really wish I was learning with a smaller group because it takes a while to get stuff done. But I arrived early and got help really filling in all my numbers on my sheet and I decked out my character a little bit, Ron made a scrumptious chili and Dian(a/e?) brought doughnuts. I grabbed the bismark real quick. It was fun and I'm needing less hand holding during game play. I mostly do healing but I'm getting an idea of how to attack. Course I'll be super dead if I do get hit by anything.

Got home. Scanned stuff. Didn't stay up cuz the internet was out. Went to sleep.

Ma and Pa left early, but they'll be back in a few days. I slept in. I worked on my resume after realizing I had accidentally cropped off some information. Arghhh!! And I turned in those resumes too! If I come in for a new interview, I can always bring in the updated one. I applied to a few jobs (did I mention that earlier? I'm tired again and don't feel like checking).

And I spent a long time drawing a comic about a dream I had, enjoy!!:

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Lisa Pedersen said...

What a great comic! Love it!