Saturday, February 6, 2016

always room for a cheap goof

No go on the current job leads, oh well. Got a maybe house sitting gig happening, so hopefully I hear about that scheduling soon, because I'd hate to not be able to do something paying because I have to have an interview or whatever. Doing some work for Ma & Pa tomorrow! Woohoo!

Another day of feeling good with my health. Hopefully it sticks. I had another of those flowering tea balls. Two mason jars full of tea! Mmmm! Drew comic. Finished stamping my name on envelopes. Returned the letters to the trays. Now I'm sitting with a face mask on. I got the mask a while ago in my moneybags days. Treating myself.

My left finger has been waking up with trigger finger the past few days. I dunno what's up with that, because it's my NON dominant finger and I don't think I've been doing anything too strenuous with it. Just gotta keep it...more easy? Might switch beds again too. Sometimes that helps body aches.

Rainy day. Stormy day. Mm hm.

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