Friday, February 5, 2016

Jeph the cashier

 It was rainy and miserable so ma and pa didn't stick around to work. I made my scones from the scone mix I won at the diaper raffle. That was a good num nums for us all! Dad really liked my coffee too. That Aeropress is a real winner. The rest of the day I felt just awful. Not full on sick, just tired and weak and exhausted. Probably some anxiety side effects eating me from the inside. Just a little bit. I did do a comic and finished my cards but I made a real blunder in the type. Oh well. Pobody's nerfect! I'll do better on the next card. Thankfully the type from January's card is all set, so I just need to swap out a few things and that's good to stamp. I have an idea of what I want to make for Valentine's Day, so I just need to get carving. Will probably be a small edition that I send out all at the same time and that'll be that. January is one I'll send out as needed.
Errand running day! I dropped off some mail to go to various people. I got corned by a girl scout at the baby shower, so I sent off a check for some cookies that I'll pick up at Karen's whenever I see her. Damn good cause and damn good cookies. And I ended up doing a driving loop of the Hood Canal, because I filled up my tank in Hoodsport. Cheapest gas, though far south but I didn't think I had enough in my tank to get across the bridge to any of those stations. And I was going to Silverdale next so I just went south and over and up and it was a nice drive! I listened to podcasts and admired the water. I'm a bit of a hermit shut in nowadays so it's good to get out.

Went to Trader Joe's and got fruit and carbs. And gummies, as you can see above. Swung by Target and got the replacement journal because the one I made for Helen vanished in the postal system. Hopefully that one shows up, maybe back in Seabeck. Helen saw what I made her, so I can reveal that it was a journal with a stamped pattern that I did custom stamps for. Thankfully I didn't include the stamps, otherwise I don't think I would have had the energy to redo the whole present from scratch. That blue lino is a crumbly pain to carve.

Back at home I stamped the journal, did a comic, ate some food, browsed the job sites, set type, and stamped my return address on a bunch of envelopes. I'm going to do a bunch more tomorrow, just so that I don't have to worry about resetting my address type for a good long while. I only have two stamp bases in which to place my text, and one is filled with a ton of text that is used for the card editions. So if I want to add any more text, it has to be with the other one which currently has the address. Once I've stamped my envelopes I can dismantle the text and use it for whatever.

I'm feeling on a health upswing, so I can do more job applying stuff tomorrow. If I don't feel well, it's hard to get the motivation to take the steps. I felt like death showing up to turn in applications a little while ago. Doesn't make a good impression.

But uhg it sucks looking at job listings that want you to show up in person but the place is an hour away. I'll totally commute for the job, I just don't want to sink hours of transport into throwing paper around.

I really resent looking for a job when this is the most artistically productive I've been in years.

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