Friday, May 22, 2015

what a glorious day


Midway through! I hard a hard time rolling out of bed and getting going, but I got going. Wore a nice shirt. Did my makeup nice. Had a nice drive out. Photographed items for work, and more necklaces for Laura/en. Picked through some odds and ends to make some new listings to sell. Did some research for shipping protocols and found the helpful advice stating that you should drain waterbeds BEFORE you move them.

I swung by the library on the way back, got stuck in traffic, got home and chilled out. TV has slowed down.


Trimmed my nails and painted them bright pink. Did my makeup based on this look I saw online last night (purple matte shade in the crease and a shimmery silver on the lid). I dug it. Very dark and smokey. I ate a bunch of pasta and some healthy green things, then I drove out to Bremerton to meet Karen to hang. We sat on the patio at this tapas place (but I didn't get anything) and chatted recent events and suggestions for moving forward. Then we saw Mad Max Fury Road and goddang that movie is AWESOME!!! So wonderful. Such stunts. Very enjoyable on the second watch, and I'd be down to watch it a third time haha....

And she loved it, so that was good. Always good to watch a movie with someone who enjoys it too.

OHHH I saw a great turquoise Chevy Bel Air. With the fins and chrome. So pretty.

Time to sleep. Feeling very sleepy.

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