Wednesday, May 20, 2015

pulali person


I removed my earring to see how it was healing, and I dropped the front part of the stud and have been unable to locate it. I heard it hit the ground but not bounce, so I fear that maybe it went under something in the bathroom. Bummer. I can buy the same-ish earring easily enough (well not easily, I have to go to the shop, but it isn't like I lost one of only two earrings) but I don't wanna. So now I'm back to silver loop in my left ear, and the tiger's eye in the right. It's still healing. That damn scar tissue is being a brat.

I worked from home a bit and got things online for the store.

I made such a minor deal about making longer posts and now I can't think of what else that I did to fill out this day. I watched the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell adaptation, well, the first episode of it anyway. And other TV.

The weather was nice and warm.

I microwaved some popcorn but it turns out that it had expired in October 2008, and the faux butter was totally nasty. Made it taste just...uhg horrible. Popcorn expires! Well the bagged kind does, at least.


Watered the garden and turned the fungus dirt. It is still whiteish looking. I wonder if it will dry out and properly die? I think I saw some growth in the carrots. Do seeds die?

Slept in. I've been sleeping in too much, but my bed is so warm and cozy.

Going to be on site tomorrow.

Dang! How can I not get a decent paragraph about today. I've been listening to Game Grumps as background noise while I work.

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