Wednesday, May 27, 2015

gotta know where your towel is


Happy Towel Day!

and Memorial Day too!

I posed with my towel, watched Samantha Cristoforetti read from The Guide and looked at her tweets from the ISS because she is literally the coolest person ever. Had breakfast. I went into Brinnon and visited Grandma and Grandpa's gravesite. The flowers have come up really well, and their plot REALLY stands out. It's one of the more tended ones in the cemetary. Afterwards I dropped off postcards at the post office and picked up a slice of banana cream pie from Halfway House.

Ate that pie, mellowed out, read a bit. Did a bit of work from home.


My internet has been sluggish all dang day, but I got work done. Almost have all the spreadsheets done, and almost have all the researched items up on the Squarestore. Almost in the position to vacate my position (almost a month after I said I was thinking of leaving) but sometimes I go slow, and sometimes I just need a kick in the boot. My motivation is still really low, but I'm feeling mentally oodles better, which is a good feeling.

The skin between my eyebrows has been super dry lately, I don't know why. I moisturize but it doesn't seem to stick.

I've been enjoying listening to video game "let's plays" by the Game Grumps dudes as background music. I like audio that sounds like I have company. That sounds very lonely, but I guess I am out here. Shrug.

It gets late so fast, but I also sleep in so much.

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