Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Monday and Tuesday

Bodi is sleeping on the couch right now like a cute pup. I got him a day early and now I have dog watch duty for a week! Woohoo puppy!

Monday I helped Mom out with some stuff, and with time to kill I wrote a few letters and started reading Station Eleven. Pretty good thus far, though I'm only six pages in.

My egg pin from Big Bud Press arrived! It's so cute. I attached my sloth path to my patch vest.

For dinner Dad made some the best steaks he has made thus far. Really juicy. With a side of green beans and mashed potatos and a nice glass of red wine. Mmm. I'm so spoiled over in Seabeck.

I had a weird night sleep. I got overheated and tossed and turned. Dad made eggs and bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast. Yum yum! I went to Poulsbo to meet Boss to pick up Bodi. We met at Petsmart where dog food was procured. Bodi seems in better spirits. He's gotten over his haircut it seems.

I gave him a little walk back home, and met up with Corbie and Celia. Bodi ate some of Corbie's food. Bad Bodi! Now I think I'll tuck into bed relatively early.

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