Tuesday, January 28, 2014

new goals

An uhg day at work. Not so bad but I just wasn't feelin' it all day. My head felt funny. And now my body feels funny. I'm feeling a lot of anxiety right now, and it doesn't feel good.

Heat pressed some stuff. Weeded some vinyl. If only I could heat press some weed. JUST KIDDING, I DON'T LIVE IN WASHINGTON OR COLORADO.

Uhm. Yeah. I started work on my taxes, but I need some info about my Kitsap Credit Union, to see if I got any cash from the savings investment. I was hoping for a larger return than I seem to be getting right now. I worked so hard, and damn taxes! If only I could choose where they went to. Don't mind taxes for schools and health. Do mind them for war.

My goal is to every night do something to advance my progress to this certain goal I've set out to do. Today I accomplished six things relevant to my goal.

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