Wednesday, January 29, 2014

candy before dental

I just took an antihystamene, so I better blog now because I figure I have an hour till nap sleepy time. Eating some potsticker from Trader Joe's. Num num. I felt ill all day. Just like my eyes would pop out of my head and I was oozing snot. Had a bad nights sleep, so that probably tortured my body. Uhg.

Today's work music selections were Odd Owl, Kaiser Chiefs, some Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ratatat, Stromae, Electric Six... just a mish mash.

There was so much vinyl to weed. SO MUCH. And some shorts to put heat transfers on. And shirts to count. And more vinyl. And a window applique to cut down to size. And I cleaned some screens. A nice full day.

Oh, and Boss gave me a 5.75 pound bag of assorted candy as a belated birthday gift!!! Like, holy crap! So much candy! I wish I felt better so I could eat a ton of it and feel sick! But I don't so I won't...yet.

At home I had some tea and talked to Ma. And made some potstickers. And oozed snot. And got some things sorted out. I'm planning things! Just need to keep working at it. Keep working forward and upward and excitingward!

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