Saturday, February 1, 2014


Got to work early. Missed the text from my boss telling me I didn't need to do that. But hey, coming in early means I get to lean earlier! We are going to be changing to a 9 to 5 in a month, so now I'll have more time in the evenings.

I did the heat press thing, and the weeding vinyl thing, and the papering and cutting of vinyl thing. Also applied some patches to screens and coated them at the end of the day.

I swung by Discretion Brewing and filled up the growler that Chris left behind when he moved out. I drank a bunch of it, but damn a half gallon of beer is a lot of beer! I can't drink all that beer. The growler Janet had for Mountain Brewing was much smaller. Probably around 32oz. I made pasta and I watched Pacific Rim and Scott Pilgrim with Dee in a livestream (basically a video stream that people can watch online, also fun for streaming your art making practices).

Then I went to bed.

February 1st is Hourly Comic Day, so my blog post for that day shall be all the comics I made. Basically you draw a comic every hour of what you did in that hour. A fun exercise, but as I'm still awake, I'm not done with it just yet. But I'll probably be going to bed soon. At least to lay in bed and read.

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