Monday, March 16, 2015

weather dregs


Slept in all nice and cozy. Had a scramble, set up my sewing machine and made a few of my tees fit better. In the late afternoon, I headed over to Suquamish for dinner with Aaron. We walked Banjo, then sloppy joes were made. Poor Aaron has been working on site on Vashon. 60 hour weeks, and he has a few more left. Hours every day commuting. So that's why he hasn't been mentioned that often in my blog.

Didn't stay over. Returned home and slept in way too long.


Slept in way too long, and had odd dreams. Then I snacked and had coffee and worked on work from home stuff. It was a damp day. Perfect for working from home. I researched, I uploaded, I researched.

Tomorrow I'm still from home, then I go on site on Tuesday! Leaving the house! Hurray!

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