Friday, February 13, 2015

new project time


On site! I took photos of another box of things, mostly books. Put those into the spreadsheet. Worked on invoices and other Google things. Boss watched Nightcrawler and we bonded over our mutual enjoyment of it. A nice day on site. Felt pretty productive.

Back at home, I hung out with Celia a bit and had noodles and we gave the kitties catnip and they loooved it. Sam got all loopy and let me pet him! And Panda and Teddy were like totally mellow yellow. Hahah.


Applied for health insurance! And I qualify for Washington Apple Care...which is pretty much Medicaid rebranded so...hopefully that works out??? It's something. It's...not getting fined by the tax man. And I worked more on my cell phone refund. It's such an annoying loop of communication.

And I did some at home stuff for work. Image editing. And I secured the Tumblr "StampClub" to use for posting scans of old yearbooks. I like the title Stamp Club, but I might change it...but I got it for now (it's free).

Stamp Club because...it's a silly old timey club. Melissa (Happy Birthday Mel!!!) suggested something along the lines of "Most Likely To..." but I can't think of a good way to fill that in.

Did laundry. Had pasta. Took a bath. Read The Blazing World. I need to go grocery shopping.

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