Wednesday, March 5, 2014

crawlin' through the window cuz I left the lights on and locked the doors

Today was good! The weather picked up and it was warm (it's been a bit gray). Reclaimed some screens and later coated them. I counted out shirts, and all shirts were accounted for. I burned some screens and got them taped up. Caught the job. Then broke down the press and cleaned squeegees and floodbars. Nice smooth day.

I made a Target run for more shampoo & conditioner. My current ones are almost out and I don't want to continue with the brand. Also got some Volu-Tiramisu flavor Ben & Jerrys. So good. Tiramisu!

Made some pasta. Settled in for a night of 20 minute comedies (Broad City and Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Now to tuck into bed and read more Gone Girl! Almost to 50% now!!

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