Tuesday, March 4, 2014

so not a missus fix it

I broke my MP3 player. :(

It slipped off my belt loop when I was shimmying a bit too much, and it hit the floor in such a way that the internal battery was dislodged, which yanked one of the wires out. Specifically the wire that told the player it had a full battery. I can connect the player to my computer and see whats on it, but it doesn't know it has a full battery and it shuts off. I tried soldering the wire back, and I got it for a second, but then the solder broke and I think I melted parts that shouldn't have been melted. Two years good hard service. It's been bumped quite a bit. Time for a new one. I'll probably get the same kind, I'm pretty stoked on this brand. It's survived a lot of punishment. And since I can still access the old one, I'm not having to rebuild my old track list. Just have to plug the new player in and plop in the old tracks.

I tried to fix it. I failed. But hey, I tried.

Today was the first 9 to 5 day at work! And... I was told to come in at 10:30 because work isn't demanding enough right now and staggering schedules works better. I cleaned a lot. I reclaimed and coated screens. I burned stuff. I cleaned more stuff. We ran some towels. I burned some more things. A full day!

Had some potstickers. Tried to fix my player. Watched stuff. It is what it is.

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