Saturday, June 27, 2015

All About KB

I jammed my pinky on a mug that I was putting away. Like I dropped it, and caught it on my pinky and it twisted my pinky. Doesn't feel broken, just very badly bruised. I also noticed a weird bump on the back of my left heel, which is the same foot that has been hurting to walk on intermittently. Googling "bump on heel" has incentive me to actually book and appointment with a doctor and get myself looked at. Anyway, on with the show:


Karen's day! Her 29th birthday! Got up nice and moderately early and did my makeup and all that. Hauled out a pile of presents (I went a bit overboard but I kept finding/thinking of good things for her!) and headed out for Bremerton. She liked the Bleeding Heart plant card I made for her (in a different style from my other others, I drew with ink and washed the card when the ink was still drying, so it had an outline of the details). And she liked the scarves and the vase and earrings (which were a gift to me, Laura didn't charge but I would have paid but shhh don't tell Karen) (and it's good she liked them cuz jewelry is hard to pick but they were brass with turquoise colored stones and geometric in style, which I've seen Karen wear). And she liked the freebie mini dishes I got from work which would have been impossible to sell. Six little matching blue and white dishes that were probably lids to something else that has been sold. Perfect for soy sauce/little condiments! Karen's taste in china is blue and white patterning. And the grand finale: she loved the shrinky dink charm bracelet I made her:

Leg milagro, Saint Servatus, and Queen of Wands. Carefully picked. I liked giving gifts, especially when I know they'll be liked. Sometimes I hit a good streak. I'd rather be generous. Anyhoo.

We got sushi! Yum yum. We walked to the shop, as it was a beautiful day for it, and ate plenty. Then back to her place for more chatting. Rob came over around 6, and they left to get dinner with her parents, and as did I. I mean, I left. I didn't join the dinner (though funnily enough they went to Anthony's, where she joined us for my birthday! But Rob was her plus one this time around. I'm fine with that tho, as I wasn't hungry).

Picked up my comics. Yay comics!

Then in Silverdale I swung by Target and got hair dye for when I feel like doing that again, and they had this eyelid primer that is super cheap brand but highly recommended so I got that, and Target...has...IT'S-IT!!! LIKE! The best ice cream sandwich ever!!! I thought it was only in California but no it's in the Silverdale Target! Ahhhh! I got the package and ate one on the way back home and hoped the other two (only sold in boxes of three) survived. They did. I shared one with Celia because It's-It MUST be shared.

Then I retired.


Celia is off to Portland for the weekend and I helped keep Corbie distracted while she left. He's less of a wandering doggie these days, so that's good.

I threw on a floral short dress and some shorts and headed south to Shelton to meet Karen & Rob at the skydiving place to provide ground support for them. Karen is doing a 30 Before 30, and skydiving was #1! Brave lady indeed. The place was nice and open. The staff was friendly and let Anna and I take plenty of pictures (Anna and Richard were friends of Rob). I'd like to go skydiving sometime but it's expensive, alas. I mean not the worst but a bit out of my range right now. Karen was nervous but strong and up she went and I stared at the blue sky and then I saw little dots and then those became parachutes and there they were! How wonderful! All of them, in one intact piece. Hurray! So proud of my super friend.

101 was a gorgeous drive today. Sun was out, it was hot, the water was sparkling. There was one truck that was in a ditch. Gotta respect the speed limits, yo. I watered the garden. The carrots are coming up this time, and the green beans are poppin' through. I stood in the canal, up to my bum, and contemplated the beauty of it all.

Then I set up my computer at Celia's and internetted it up over there and kept the kitties company. Sam let me pet him a whole bunch!

Got some work from home to do tomorrow. Will probably try to get a swim in, or at least a bit of basking.

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