Wednesday, June 10, 2015

water boating


Did some work. Had to patio laptop it. Help dad strip wire to repair the bottom of my paddle boat. The wire is to hold the split together, so that the sealant doesn't pop open randomly. Or something. Got the boat patched. Got wood cut for the seat backs for the boat. Oh! Dad made poached eggs and put it on toast with hollandaise sauce over it and it was SCRUMPTIOUS! 

I don't think I helped with anything else...

Dinner was salad with dessert of filo cups with ice cream. Then So You Think You Can Dance was on so we indulged in that! Hurray for dancing.


I've been waking up early, but that's mostly because the light is shining in my face at 5 am. But still not getting out of bed all that early.

Got work from home stuff done. Sat out on the patio to get the best signal and got stuff done, woohoo! Snacked. Second breakfast was made by Mom. Thrice fried potatoes and scrambled eggs. Mmmm delicious! Ma and Pa went swimming and kayaking (there are some sweet new kayak racks up), and then after Dad and I hauled the paddle boat into the water to test it out, and the test was successful! It leaked a bit at the foot peddle wells, but no apparent leaks on the bottom! Hurray! I paddled about, Dad joined me, Dad switched out with Mom, Mom went to the back seat and Celia joined us, AND Corbie climbed aboard. We paddled about and had a great time. It would be great leg exercise if only it weren't so heavy and hard to haul up and down.

I ate the remaining salad and hugged Ma and Pa goodbye as they hauled out with their stuff.

Chilled the rest of the night away.

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