Wednesday, February 4, 2015

tempting the sickness fates

I won't be working on site again till Friday! But I've got more than enough on my end. In the past two days I've been adding items to the store, researching them, editing the descriptions, finding rough shipping costs, and also getting info for shipping the chairs! We sold them! Finally!

I did make a grocery run yesterday, but neglect to buy chips and dip. Oh well. I'll make another run tomorrow, just to...you know..get out of the house.

A CenturyLink guy came by to check our connection power.

But yeah, I've just been sitting in front of my computer doing my job. The online shop is getting mega huge now!

My body for a second was feeling like it might get sick, so I shoved more salad into it. Hope that does something. Some day I will get sick again, but it shant be today! Actually, outside of food poisoning, I haven't been properly sick at all in my 20's. I've had a few 24 hour colds but nothing really debilitating. I'm a super gal!

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