Sunday, March 30, 2014

rain & shine & clouds


Slept in and had no idea how the weekend would turn out. Got a text from Nate inviting me to a coworker's Santa Cruz birthday shindig. I would know some of the people there, so not totally awkward. Nate wouldn't be there. So I just showed up with a six pack of beer and was like "hiiii everybody!". The party was for Marco, who I met about 2 years ago at a MachineZone function. Also there were Jai, Alan, and Garth, and a whole slew of other really nice people. There was BBQ and beer and good conversation about all sorts of things. There was a noise complaint at 7pm though, jeeze! So I joined in on a mini bar crawl (there was a designated driver, of course). We went downtown to Asti, Poet & Patriot, and 99 Bottles. Not the biggest of crawls, but fun! It was raining though, which is probably why the bars were so empty. I of course stopped drinking early in the crawl, because I was to drive home.

A nice night out.


After a muddled morning of stuff happening, I had some eggs benedict at Zachary's.

Then I hung about. Did a Trader Joe's run. It was a much nicer day with all the sunshine and stuff.

This weekend went by fast! I need another day.

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