Friday, March 28, 2014

the cutest cheese


Pretty standard day. We spent it running a job that took lots of set ups and changes. Like, oodles. But the set up went well, as did the printing so it's all good. After work I went to Target and picked up a road atlas! I'm carving out a time in the weekend to really work on road trip planning.

Rest of the evening passed calmly.


Another good day at work. The orders are starting to speed up. Got a few repeats next week, so I burned a bunch of screens and reclaimed more to coat and get ready for other jobs. It'll be quick turn around on screens time soon. Busy busy busy! I also caught a job for a bit. They printed some vinyl bumperstickers and their drying stunk up the studio during the morning. They really should have printed them last.

The other Trillian and I had a funny exchange with Jarslberg Cheese on twitter:

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