Sunday, March 23, 2014

de la ferrrn


Set my alarm because I had paintings to do! Totally slacked on getting Nate's landscape done for him. And I also wanted to paint Helen a belated birthday gift. Have to keep up the square painting tradition! So I worked on those and had tea and oatmeal and got those done. The board game party for Nathan started at 6 and I left at just a bit after 5! Yay for timing.

Helen made some tasty spicy thick not-noodle Korean dish, and there was a veggie stew, and it was all very delicious! Carmen and Josh joined the party, as did Nate's coworker Garth. The first board game was Battlestar Galactica. It was very detailed and multifaceted. I was a secret cylon, but I wasn't subtle enough in my sabotage and was found out. Carmen's character executed mine. The humans almost lost. It was pretty close. Then we played Lost Cities, a game C & J brought. Very fun, and easier to get a hold of. I beat Garth by 5 points!! But we were both behind Nate & Helen and Carmen & Josh by a significant margin (they were in teams). Funny that the teams outperformed the solo people. Anyhoo.

Nate liked his Hufflepuff hat and the new Magic the Gathering cards I bought him, as well as the little landscape I painted.

I got back into Santa Cruz at 2am.


I woke up early and dozed in bed for a good long while. Then I had a three egg scramble and some tea and got my ducks in order for the day.

While the sun was out I went to Target and got yakult and soap, then Bed, Bath, and Beyond for compost bags, then Trader Joe's for next week's lunch supplementals. It was a nice day to walk outside.

At home I read a bit. 7:30ish I headed out because I heard that Echo and Maw were playing at The Abbey. I drove in circles on Mission street for a bit trying to find the venue, before parking and walking to try and find it. Walking worked! It was tucked down the street a little (I knew it was 300something, and I was parked on the 100 blocks). The venue (The Abbey) was attached to a church, and it was a nice coffee shop place. But the stage was ample and the seating was comfy. It wasn't like a little stage was shoved in where it shouldn't. Anyhoo. I got some tea and a little muffin and sat and waited. Then I noticed that I hadn't seen any members of Echo and Maw. Then the people that were fiddling with the instruments were decidedly NOT Echo and Maw. Ooops, not Echo and Maw! It turned out the band playing was Della Fern. An Australian band on tour. And they were pretty good! Half covers, half original music. Two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and lady vocalist. Didn't see Echo and Maw, but still saw a great band! I sketched and some people complimented what I had drawn. I'm sick of drawing guitars though. So difficult!

Nice to get out of the house.

Gotta get my oil changed.

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