Monday, March 24, 2014

scrub the bad away

Didn't have to come in to work till noon - 1ish. Hurray! Had a scramble and tea and took my time. I went to Jiffy Lube and got my oil changed and my oil filter changed and my air filter changed (Dad, you said that should be changed, right? Well I got that changed). Whooo! My car seems to be running a bit better? But maybe that is just psychosomatic. Still, nice to check that off the list. I left my cell at home, so I missed the notification that I didn't have to come in to work at all...

...but the boss found stuff for me to do anyway! I reclaimed screens and burned a multi-screen job. Still a short day, but hours are hours!

When I got home, I decided it was nice to scrub the mildew off the bathroom walls. There is no fan, and only a small window, so it was getting spotty. I got the powerful cleaner. I turned on the fan. I put on my respirator. I put on gloves. I got to it. It was tricky because it was concentrated on the ceiling and high bits of the walls, so I had to use a stool for some bits and a chair for others. But I got it scrubbed. Did the walls first. Took a break. Did the ceiling. I didn't get it all entirely off, but it looks MUCH better. The bathroom looks so much less dingey now. Hurray for cleaning!

I had gyoza for dinner and other munchins. Watched Archer and House of Cards. Removed things from my todo list. Go me!

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Air cleaner yes.