Wednesday, March 26, 2014

at least no one else in this city that I know is named that

We got a new person at work! Nick! Guess they are preparing for my exit. Though Nick seems to be more in the realm of vinyl application. Maybe he'll be a dude that can be sent out on jobs, so that the Boss can stay here and get stuff done for our side. That'd work.

Printing on Nylon jerseys was a risky gambit, due to the potential for heat damage on the material, but it worked! Whooo! We ran a few jobs today, and the boxes are stacking high. People gotta come pick up their stuff!

It also rained a whole bunch! Proper rain, the kind that is good for Santa Cruz due to the drought.

At home I fried up some eggs and put them on toast. Mmm.

I'm feeling tired. Up too late last night.

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