Friday, April 4, 2014

a fairly mellow Thursday with good humor

Work is really busy now! So many jobs coming up! We have an 8 color front & back due tomorrow, so it'll probably be a very long day. I'm starting at 9:30 which is some clue.

Today was awesome though. Really the perfect mash of Jeff on the press, Ryan helping, Nick doing hats, and me doing the tertiary stuff. Finished jerseys. Counted in several jobs worth of shirts. We are implementing a new box labeling system, so that is neat. I like labels. I also tallied screens (again) and burned screens and generally helped out. I like being the helper/tidying third person. It's a nice blend of skills I can do and variety of tasks.

At home I had some potstickers and washed my towels and watched TV.

Time to go to bed! Work starts early, and hopefully I'll be out on time.

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