Thursday, April 3, 2014


Got up early and got to work early so that I could leave early to see the Mary Roach talk! Yay!

What a day! Boss was gone for the first 2/3s. I did hats, burned screens, printed hat transfers, and then did some banners, counted out shirts, started some jerseys. Boss got a new NEW hire: Jason. I think he'll be helping with vinyl application? Anyway. I did some jerseys then I coated screens.

A full day! And damn busy. Andrew stopped by for a bit to pick up some signs. Nick did hats. Ryan reclaimed. Lots of running about and trading jobs this way and that. Whew! So busy.

I changed at work into not-work clothes (well just my shirt and sweater) and headed downtown for the Mary Roach signing at Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Oh it wasn't raining today. It was nice, though a bit chilly.

Anyway. Parked in the CVS parking lot because who cares about paying for parking and wandered the bookstore and made note of books to try samples of on my Kindle. I grabbed a seat nearer to the back of the set out chair ( because people had come early and grabbed spots). I was next to Melissa, a very nice couples counselor with the prettiest face I've seen in a while. And so friendly! We talked about travel and experiences and weighing the things a person has done versus their creative output. This guy who was seated in front of me looked so much like Stephen Mangan, and I even told him so. And when he looked him up he was like "that does look like me!"

Mary Roach was spectacular. Funny, blunt, no bashfulness. Just really sweet and smiley and anecdotal but also brilliant. Love her so much. And when I had my copy of Gulp signed, she knew where my name was from! And she signed a 42 in the book. She's so great. Absolutely wonderful.

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That is so great! xoxomum