Monday, February 22, 2016

I hope I exuded enough confidence, but hey my references are good

Saturday was a big day! I got up. Had breakfast. Started laundry to make sure I had a nice work shirt. Went over to Celia's and helped a bit with cat stuff. Did my makeup subtle but nice, straightened my hair, put on slacks and opted for heels. Wanted to look nice and presentable. If I get the job, it isn't super fancy BUT you don't want to show up to interviews like a shlub.

So it's a bed and breakfast I'm applying at. Won't name it by name because of google reasons. But it's in Port Townsend. It's a really nice little establishment! It would be a house keeping position with potential to move up/be diverse. I tried to push my skills at being varied and being on my feet all day and being an industrious worker. I have a little bit of l'esprit de escalier but who doesn't? I wish there could be a short mini interview where I can be all OH AND I MEANT TO ADD THAT I LOVE WORKING FOR PEOPLE THAT VALUE EMPLOYEES, I'LL WORK SO HARD FOR YOU IF YOU DO THAT!! I'm hopeful but there are other people. Hopefully they just like me the bestest.

After PT I went to Seabeck (got some fast food on the way) and hung out there. Driving Ma & Pa to the airport, or rather driving the car back and I'll pick them up some time from now. So I snacked and drew my comic and we left at 7:45ish. Seatac isn't the worst to get to, thankfully it's right before traffic gets awful. I didn't have an AUX cord but my phone was able to play some 99% Invisible episodes loud enough. I parked the car in Seabeck, got in my car and went home. Lots of driving!

And lots of sleeping.

Had a little breakfast, drew a comic, and at 6ish I went over to Celia's. I helped heat up some soup and fed the kitties and then we settled in to watch some television. We started Breaking Bad...and I left after six episodes in a row. But Season 1 Episode 6 is SO GOOD! Once I knew a marathon was going down, I waited to catch that one. So good. And I didn't catch that Ken was in Better Call Saul too! What an excellent cameo.

Now it's late. Now I wait.

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