Friday, February 26, 2016

that's the good stuff

 Wednesday was an early start day. Had toast and made coffee and went and picked Celia up. We drove to the res to the office to get some paperwork for her medical stuff. Met some of the nice office ladies. And a guy helped Celia step over a ledge when I was busy parking the car. Nice fella!

Next up was Westsound Orthopedic Center Doctor Place. I didn't accompany Celia into her appointment (seemed private) so I sat in the waiting room and drew a comic and listened to a podcast. Afterwards we went through the Panera drive through and got lunch and I left Celia in the car at Artist's Edge where I got a brush pen and two new Tombow colors (I'm becoming a real sucker for lighter neutrals, though that gray is so good). None of these are expensive pens. Glad I never developed a bad Copic habit. Yikes.

I got cat litter from Target too (hella errands being run) and I nommed on my sandwich as we drove home and listened to 99% Invisible. Oh! Made a mail run too. I dropped Celia off and returned to my abode to relax. Getting home at 2ish after doing so much left me disoriented. I wonder what I'll be like when I adjust to the earlier shifts my job will bring me. Lots of rolling out of here at 9am, which I guess is when I left here for my old job. But there might be earlier days as well. Oh! And I was invited on a company activity. How fun! I really hope I do well in this job, because it seems like it will be a good fit for what I want from my life for the next year (i.e. money but not a total time suck so I can focus on rebuilding my portfolio).

Today (Thursday) I did a bit of afternoon help for Celia, then I went and mailed a few packages and I can't remember if the adhesive flap on one of them was properly secured so fingers crossed it arrives! It wouldn't be the worst thing if it vanishes, as it's some of the rose art supplies that I'm mailing to Ebin. A freebie gift, freely given to someone who could use it (not all the roses, but the supplies I won't be using). But I'd like them to get it.

And it was a beautiful day so I drove down to Hoodsport to fill up gas while listening to podcasts and enjoying the scenery. Bright blue sky, shining water. Just lovely. And gas was $1.95!

Did some evening Celia help and showed her funny videos. In a few hours she'll be picked up for her surgery. I'm not taking her. She'll be fine!

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