Sunday, February 28, 2016

she did not name her baby that

Friday was gal time with the due any minute Karen! Met up in Silverdale to see a matinee of Deadpool at the Fancy AMC 8. Karen had never been and she oggled at the excellent seats that tilt up and back. Perfect seating for a pregnant lady! We had a pretty good lil time. I need to back a bag or make a list of things to have so I can hustle over when I hear she's going into labor. She's fine with me being in the waiting room, so if I can be there, I shall! Might stay over in Seabeck on Tuesday after Bee Class. Anyway. Went to Trader Joe's and picked up food for me and some supplies for Celia (reimbursed, natch). Went home. Hung out with Celia and got things squared away for her. Returned home and drew my comic.

Saturday! Slept in. Had bacon and eggy breakfast and tea. Though really by that point it was lunch. Did a quick Celia check in and then I was off to Dungeons and Dragons! A nice little session. Got some more battle experience in and saved a character from death and also did lots of healing. Getting the hang of it. Even with a few people (Anthony, Emerald, Martin) down, it was still a hearty lengthy number of people and it's tricky to get through stuff at a good pace. Checked in with Celia. Now I'm mellowing out. Gotta go to bed soon because I start work tomorrow, wheeeee!!!

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