Wednesday, March 2, 2016


The wind howled ferocious and the power went out at around 3:20. I left early so that I could hang with Karen before Bee Class, but a tree on the road at the junction of Pulali and Osprey blocked the road. And it was far too big for me to even think about moving. Even if it hadn't taken down the power lines with live wires on the road, I couldn't have tried to saw it apart. It was big and blocking entirely and like I said, the lines were down. I could not leave. I could not see Karen. I could not go to Bee Class. I sent an email so Bee Class new I wouldn't be there. At 8ish I checked on the tree and it was still there (I called and reported the downed tree to PUD). No way I could have gotten out. There was a tree down at Geoduck, and I can only assume more as the PUD lady said "I'll put you on the list". So I lit a fire and by its glow I played Pokemon on the DS. Hung with Celia a little bit. Power came on right as I was tucking into bed.

Power went out right as I went to load my comic into Google Drive to put it on Instagram. Celia let me use her phone to take a picture. I don't like loading my comics too late in the day.

So now I'm catching up on the internet now that power is back.

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