Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Got The Job!!!

I got the job! I was offered it and I accepted and my first training shift is this Sunday, how exciting!

So Monday I helped Celia out. Did some light vacuuming and went into Silverdale to pick up a prescription. Had to swing by the orthopedic place, then go to Walgreen's, then we got food at Skipper's because Silverdale kinda sucks for options. There I got the email with the offer! We pucked up the stuff at Walgreen's, listened to Baby Geniuses on the way back, got mail, then said goodnight. I sent in my acceptance. Then went to bed late.

Today I helped Celia a little more, then went into Silverdale for BEE KEEPING CLASS!! The first one of six! It was a pretty good crowd. I wasn't the youngest by decades. Seemed to have some other people my age, or thereabouts. A lot of different people. Old, young. We all introduced ourselves (I'd say there was ~40 people). Got into some basics. Took a quick initial test. I don't have to drop a ton of cash on bee supplies now. I have some wiggle room. I have some time to think if I'll get a hive going this season, or next year. Have some stuff to learn first.

After class I swung by Old Navy and got a new pair of my standard pants, all though now they changed the style so I had to get a slightly different standard. Different waist. They need to be worn in a bit. I've lost some weight so I needed a new pair in my new size. My jeans end up washed and stained. My black pair are well and truly gray now.

Tomorrow I am driving Celia around to some surgical consultations. Friday I have some stuff going on. Saturday too. Hopefully tomorrow night and Thursday I'll have the time to clean house. It's getting very cluttered looking.


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