Friday, February 19, 2016

boxes and broken things

Had a nice little day. Got up, had coffee and oatmeal, had a massive allergy attack and was all kinds of awful congested.

Went to Seabeck, took a gamble and popped a Benny. Those tend to make me tired but I'm fine right now. I agreed to drive and pick Mom & Dad up from the airport. It's actually not the worst drive in the world, and it saves them from having to drive back exhausted.

I picked up my mail (card from Robin, check for my work, and a card from Karen). I hung out. Briefed Ma & Pa on the eBay stuff. Talked art. Drew a comic. Had pizza. Ate chocolate. Talked more future stuff. I think I was going to help them out with something but I ended up just chilling. Ha. Well, I like their company. And I picked up a few things, and took some stuff off their hands.

Alas, poor Celia broke her ankle!! But this time she has sick leave and health insurance and went to the hospital right away. Good on her! But also major bummer, because now she's got a broken ankle. I asked if she needed anything from Trader Joe's and she asked for some "red" juice, so I got her that. I helped set her up with pillows and Netflix, and put in my schedule when she might need a lift. I'm glad that I'm here so I can help in a pinch. She requested tomorrow's comic be about her ankle so I can put some humor in the situation. I'm already thinking about what I'd draw.

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