Thursday, February 18, 2016

be chill

 My bangs were getting long, so I trimmed them. But I kinda messed up the shape so now they need to grow out for a few more months before I can take another whack at getting them right. I like the swoopier bangs over the blunt one, these days. Did research for Ma & Pa.

Slept pretty well. Since I switched beds, my trigger finger has gone away.

Drew my comic. Printed out a "don't break the chain" chart, where it has all the days of the year in a block and you cross off the day when you do the thing you are trying to do that day. I'm aiming for drawing everyday, hopefully 99% comics. It's nice to have a 40+ chain right now.

I worked on tidying up. Hauling down trash, hauling out bins, putting away clothes, doing laundry. Though now I gotta get the stuff off my bed so I can sleep in it. Gotta go get food tomorrow. Might call ma and pa and see if they need help with something.

The insurance guy came around. I mentioned that the steps would be put in soon. He said he'd just take pics of the house and two of the roof. No questions.

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