Tuesday, February 16, 2016

triple threat

Sorry about that! Last night my computer hibernated and then didn't register the monitor so I was stuck with a dark laptop for no reason and I was just like "ehhh whatever" and I went to bed.

My sleep schedule is so whack and I did nothing today to make it better. BUT yesterday! Hmmm. I had some noodles and took a nice long bath and read The Girl on the Train. I focus best reading in the tub, I wonder why that is? And I ate chocolate and drew a comic and watched Bron/Broen. It was one of those days where I feel really tired. I get them sometimes. So I rested a lot. I dunno, a dip in iron or something?

And today I got up and did a comic and planned to meet Marcus for dinner (his treat, in exchange for a digital print of one of the comics of mine that he likes). So did the comic and had a coffee and Celia stopped by and was like "having a coffee at 3, eh?" and she was right I shouldn't have had one because it's 2:40 am and I don't feel tired, but maybe if I get into bed and start reading I'll doze?

So here's the comic, but first a MILD NUDITY WARNING:

Okay? You've been warned.

 I shaved my legs for the first time in a good while and it felt good to rub them together. The word for bugs rubbing their legs to make noise is stridulation. Not that doing it as a human made noise, but it's still a funny thing for me to think about.

So after the comic I went to Tizley's Europub in Poulsbo and met Marcus for dinner. We each had a pint and he ate previously so I just ordered the schnitzle. Very delicious! I liked the spaetzle more though. Like some sort of bits of noodle? I dunno. It was good and we had a long chat and catch up. He worked as crew for the upcoming extreme challenge reality show American Grit, which is hosted by John Cena the wrestler who has the record for the most about of "Make A Wish" wishes granted. That's a good record to have. The show itself is filmed in UW's experimentation forest.
And when I got home I did a SECOND comic! Because I felt like drawing this bit from our conversation. And I like including my friends in my comics. People like being drawn.

Argh so late and I'm still not tired.

I have a job interview on Saturday!! That's progress!

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