Friday, September 26, 2014

the waiting game

So apparently it is Berenstain Bears and it's always been Berenstain even though I and everyone I know remembers it as Berenstein. Our universe collapsed and this is the nearest safe one, I guess. It's so weird to be in an alternate universe. They are real!

Anyway. My toe is still a bit weird (did I mention I possible broke my pinky toe?), but I've taped it to the next toe and it isn't bugging me. Keeping it out of shoes helps. I was able to vacuum and tidy and take out the compost and all that. I'm not totally bed ridden, but I don't want to push it.

It's been raining, so that's good for the plants.

I'm halfway through The Magicians and I continue to be frustrated by it.

Oh! Job interview! I think it went well. As well as I could hope. Interviewed with both Kristen and Rob and I think I left a good impression. Fingers crossed because I'm right now being very lazy in applying to other jobs....

I'm ready to work though. Ready to build up a new routine and life and things.

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