Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I'm heading out to Maine tomorrow! Going to go over New Hampshire. I'll get to there and Vermont on the way back and up to Montreal. It helps to actually look at maps.

I drove down to Providence, Rhode Island. I'm officially up to 30 states! I don't like calling states I cruise just over. So Maine will be 31, then New Hampshire 32, and Vermont 33. So close to 40! I still have a ways of travel left, but I'm almost heading west. Returning to the Pacific. I have a lot of ground to cover, but it's ground going to where I am from. I'll back to distances and camping. And there are a few more people to visit with. BT, Tibby, Megan, Caroline.

So! Providence! I found parking on the hill in the midst of Brown University. It said two hours, so I set my phone alarm. Brown has a lot of nice buildings, all up and down hills with winding climbing stairs. I like houses stuck higgelty on a hill like that. Not all gridded out on a plane. RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) was also there, but I didn't feel like paying to see their museum for a short bit. I did feel like taking a picture of their personal emergency vehicles with RISD vinyl wraps. Vehicle wraps are costly! It looked so silly, and then RISD alumni retweeted my photo! Did they know I was making fun of them? What kind of school has that?

I checked out the little anthropology display, and this historical house. But I wasn't really feeling Providence, so I continued on south and east. I cruised out to Sakonnet Vineyard to buy a bottle of wine for Darrah as a thank you & birthday gift. Getting to the vineyard took me back and forth between Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Kinda funny that Rhode Island even bothers being a state.

After the wine was procured, I returned to Gloucester. My GPS took me through Boston and I was reminded that I was only there for one day and I didn't see so much of the city, but I did have fun. Boston will still be here. It's a big city. I'm not too fussed that I didn't spend more time there. I'm excited for nature and being on the road and knocking off states and seeing a bit of Canada.

Darrah made a tofu and veggie dinner. Now it's time to sleep. Tomorrow I head off. Gas & food and northward ho!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great visit to those states. I have a friend in Rhode Island but think he's out sailing. Good luck with your continuing travels.