Saturday, May 9, 2015

moderate villain


More work from home! I had vidya game walk throughs going and I looked up this and that for work and knocked out a good chunk of work...stuff. I'm not going on site again till next Thursday.

There's a bunch of Bald Eagles taking up in the trees out front. They fly and fight each other a whole bunch.

I should leave the house some time. Go see a movie and go grocery shopping. That'll be nice.

I dyed my hair too. Refreshed it. I followed the directions more this time. The "put on roots first for 20 minutes then the rest". Last time it seemed like it didn't stick to the roots as well, but this time it seems even. I like my dark hair. Makes me look like a villain/femme fatale.


Accidentally turned off my alarm, so I slept in. Was very warm and cozy. I spent the day tidying and cleaning. I hung up clothes, swept the floor, vacuumed, made the beds, scrubbed the counter tops, washed towel. Generally made my living space look nice. It was getting a bit cluttered. I'm no neat freak, but I don't like messes so much. Cleaned, listened to podcasts, didn't work from home...

Tomorrow will be another shrimping day! yay!

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