Wednesday, May 6, 2015

first swim of the year


Did the distance to Trader Joe's (and also dropped off some library books. Nice day to get out for a drive. You didn't notice it but I just paused in my typing because I remembered I bought a nicer beer from TJ's. I look forward to enjoying that. Returned home. Lounged about in my brown short pants. Later on in the day I popped over to Celia's to help her with her roof moss. I was on a ladder carefully scraping away. I pulled a hula-hoe out from her supply of tools and that prooved MOST excellent for scraping off and pulling the moss down. Best when you are below/low on the roof. Not for when your vantage is above the moss. It got so many big chunks off! So Celia brushed from the top, I scraped from the bottom. Only one section really left (sure there will always be moss to remove, but the many year build up of it, that's what needs to be off). I feel so happy that I found that tool useful.

And in the evening I swam out to the raft. It was very cold. I took a nice hot shower after and settled in for evening TV.


Sorry I got distracted during my blogging.

I did some work from home. Did some laundry. I'm from home all this week, so that's nice. Uhhh. I'm sure I did something else. Hmmmn.


Had a better day of working from home (just more productive, got into a groove of things with podcasts and stuff). Had potstickers. It was rainy and gray. I changed the desktop wallpaper on my phone. I got some of the ginger beer (non alcoholic) from TJ's and it's very tasty! Ginger is such a good flavor, I don't indulge in it enough.

I just got distracted again by downloading apps and realizing that the date that this thing is going to happen on is the same date as this other thing that is going to happen and I'll have to double dip.

Okay, I think that'll do me in this of another very short multi day blog post.

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